Software Updates

V0.30 firmware:

(if clicking Download does not work, please try right-button click, then ‘save link as’)


  • The display board has a lot of additional functionality, it now supports almost all BB features
  • Audio routing extended (including external i2s source)
  • Added ‘Set defaults’ function
  • Added video filter bypass option
  • Added audio generator, including morse generator
  • Analog carrier 1 and 2 now support both FM and AM
  • Added ‘Bessel-0’ option to adjust transmitter deviation
  • Added overlay options, providing for custom overlays (not supported by display board yet)
  • Overlay text is now boxed (not supported by the display board yet)

For those who want to control the board directly using a USB i2c interface, a new release for the baseband_config software, including the FPGA-board firmware v0.30 file, is available here:

V0.25 firmware:

Warning: this version does NOT support boards with serial nrs > 10070!!

(if clicking Download does not work, please try right-button click, then ‘save link as’)

Revision history

0.21 Nicam peak registers added – Nicam overload indicators now work
0.22 Added video enable/disable – longpress the RF level to toggle enable/disable
0.23 Changed default video level, aligned NICAM and Carrier levels, default now PAL
0.24 Added more Baseband boards (10040-10049)
0.25 Added more Baseband boards (10050-10070)
0.27 Added video bypass, audio generator incl. morsecode, added overlay options providing for custom overlays
0.30 Added support for most functions to the display board. Complete refactor of the display codebase. Audio routing extended, ‘Set defaults’ function added. Bessel null function added. Controls have been changed to be more user-friendly.